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Events for October 2017
10-05-2017 Sukkot - 1st Day

9:45am Service 

10-06-2017 Sukkot - 2nd Day

9:45am Service 

10-12-2017 Shemini Atzeret in am. Yizkor. Simchat Torah in the evening

9:45am Service

7:00pm Service

10-13-2017 Simchat Torah

9:45am Service 

10-15-2017 1:30pm Maggie Anton Book Review, "50 Shades of Talmud"

2:00pm IJGS Meeting

 "Little White Lie"

10-22-2017 1:30pm Mini-Grant, "Learning to Forgive" with Karen Kaplan

 Hosted by B'nai Yehuda Beth Sholom

10-28-2017 Shabbat Morning Service 9:45AM


Parashat Lech-Lecha

10-29-2017 2:00pm IJGS Meeting

"The Curious Life of Grace Mailhouse Bernham McDonald"